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At Digital Media Collective, we live and breathe the most advanced technology available today. We are experts in almost all modern computing languages and techniques, and we constantly push the envelope to force computers to do our bidding. With more people taking part in the digital revolution than ever before, our award winning team is ready to help you dominate the competition.

Computer Graphics

Content Creation Tools

DigMeCo's founders have over 20 years experience in the development of high-end content creation software and hardware. We are pioneers in the creation of digital media production tools and techniques, and we've led or contributed to the success of over sixty computer graphics titles. The products we've helped develop account for over 50% of all animation and special effects content in TV and film.

Let our experience in creating highly complex desktop computer graphics applications and gaming technology work for you! DigMeCo is ready to help manage and shape your current software or hardware project, or work with you to plan and create your next graphics application from scratch.

Web Applicaitons

Rich Internet Applications

Engagement is critical to transforming customers into active advocates for brands and businesses. Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are a cutting edge yet proven way to increase engagement, drive higher conversion rates and boost order sizes and profits.

RIAs offer superior performance and a a richer, more engaging experience by harnessing the power of the users computer to perform advanced functions, and tying in to database-driven, web based services.

DigMeCo Rich Internet Applications offer organizations a proven, cost-effective way to deliver modern internet applications with real desktop application performance.

Web Platforms

DigMeCo Creates Dynamic Media Platforms for Companies and Their Brands.

At DigMeCo, we believe that you should be more than just a part of "the conversation"...We think you should own the coffee shop where it's taking place too. DigMeCo is ready to take on enterprise level development projects to create a dynamic web platform for your brand and your media to interact with your customers, friends and fans like never before.

HD Video Streaming - Social Networking - Content Sales - Member Feedback - API Tie-Ins - Physical Good Sales - User Uploads - SAS - CRM - CDN - CMS

Cloud Computing

Doing More for Less

In the future, high-performance businesses and governments are likely to tap increasingly into a global computing “cloud” for suitable hardware, software or desktop computing capabilities. The benefits include on-demand computational capacity, lower-cost services, greater IT agility, flexibility and scalability, and the economies of scale that are a dominant feature of globalization. There are, however, some challenges. A structured exploration of the potential of cloud computing will help your organization not to go too fast and stumble, or go too slow and fall behind.